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Worldwide shipping

Domestic and europe-wide shipping:

In Germany and all of Europe, we are well connected with several reliable fine art carriers, that will deliver the item right to your front door or inside your house ("white glove service").

If a item fits in a package, it can also be sent like that.

International shipping:

We ship all our items worldwide and take care of the complete procedure:

  • Packaging and building wood crate (IPPC standard)
  • Export custom papers
  • CITES papers for certain species-protected old woods
  • Picking the right carrier and delivering right to your front door
  • Including insurance and tracking

Depending on how fast you want the item to be delivered, we provide quotes with Air- or Sea Freight.

For bigger pieces, air freight (express) takes about 2-3 weeks, while sea freight takes 4-8 weeks (incl. time for building the wood crate).

Smaller items (under 45 * 21 * 21 in) can be sent by package much cheaper.

So far, we collected experiences in sending to destinations like e.g. USA, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Kuwait, Vietnam.

Take note, that you do not pay import customs on "antiques over 100 years old" in many countries like e.g. the US

Sales tax is dependent on each state (about 5-10% in the US).

Upon request, we will give you a fixed shipping cost estimation beforehand. 

Examples of shipping costs to continental US:

  • Side Table/Small furniture: ca. €150 - €500 (with package)
  • Commode: ca. €1,100 - 1,600
  • Sideboard: ca. €1,000 - 2,000 
  • Armoire: ca. € 1,600 - 2,000
  • Expandable Dining Table: ca. €1,800 - 2,000
  • Set of 6-10 chairs: ca. €1,600 - 2,200
  • Art Deco Club Chair: ca. €1,000
  • Art Deco Desk: ca. €1,800

Examples of shipping costs to Europe:

  • Commode to Munich: free shipping
  • Commode to London €500 ("White glove")
  • Sideboard to Vienna: ca. €300
  • Art Deco Desk to Madrid: ca. €700
  • 2 Art Deco Armchairs to London: €350
  • Saloon Table to Northern Italy: €250

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