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Biedermeier Beistelltischchen
Biedermeier Beistelltischchen, Kirsche-9
Biedermeier Beistelltischchen, Kirsche-10
Biedermeier Beistelltischchen, Kirsche-11
Biedermeier Beistelltischchen, Kirsche-12
Biedermeier Beistelltischchen, Kirsche-13
Biedermeier Beistelltischchen, Kirsche-14
Biedermeier Beistelltischchen, Kirsche-15
Biedermeier Beistelltischchen, Kirsche-16

BM-KL-424 South Germany circa 1830

Simple, unpretentious Biedermeier Side Table

  • Curved Square legs
  • 1 Drawer
  • Cherry veneered and massive


  • Inches: 29, W 24.3, D 20.3 in
  • Cm: H 73, B 61, T 51 cm

€ 2.200

Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-24
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-13
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-17
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-18
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-19
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-20
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-16
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-14
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-15
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-21
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-22
Biedermeier Nähtisch mit Inneneinrichtung-23

BM-KL-426 South Germany circa 1825

Very elegant, fine Biedermeier Sewing Table with hinged top

  • Completly original Interior decoration with spool and many little compartements with caps
  • Maple and colored wood
  • Top plate with roots inlay ebony inlay band
  • Corpus in cherry veneer and massive


  • Inches: 29, W 22.4, D 18.3 in
  • Cm: H 73, B 56, T 46 cm

€ 3.500

BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-20
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-21
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-22
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-23
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-24
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-25
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-26
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-27
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-28
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-29
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-30
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-31
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-32
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-33
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-34
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-35
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-36
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-37
BM-KO-369 Biedermeier Etagere Nussbaum-38

BM-KO-369 Austria/Vienna about 1830

  • Rare open Biedermeier Etagere from Vienna, Austria around 1830. 
  • The cupboard/shelf walnut solid wood and veneered in walnut and and has 5 plates and compartments.
  • Being veneered on all four side, it can be placed freestanding.
  • Greatly restored and hand-polished with shellac (French Polish). The upper side of the graded bottom and the legs have been ebonized.


  • Inch: H 56.4, B 29.5, D 16.5 in
  • CM: H 166, W 75, D 42 cm
€ 5.800
Biedermeier Konsole
Biedermeier Konsole
Biedermeier Konsole
Biedermeier Konsole
BM-KO-393 Biedermeier Konsole
BM-KO-393 Biedermeier Konsole
BM-KO-393 Biedermeier Konsole

BM-KO-393 South Germany about 1820

Elegant Biedermeier console table with concave base.
It has two black half- and two black full-columns with gold-painted capitals and bases.

The plate is cherry solid wood with ebonized parts and ink line running circumferentially around the edges. Bottom in veneered in cherry wood. In the back, there is a mirror glass.

Stable and fully restored with French Polish.


  • Inch: H 30, W 38.4, D 23.2 in
  • CM: H 76, B 96, T 58 cm
€ 4.500
Demi Lune Konsole
Biedermeier Demi Lune, Kirsche
Demi Lune Konsole-8
Demi Lune Konsole-9
Demi Lune Konsole-10
Demi Lune Konsole-11
Demi Lune Konsole-12
Demi Lune Konsole-13

BM-KL-422 South Germany circa 1830

Elegant, small Demi Lune console

  • Cherry veneer and solid wood, French polished
  • curved legs
  • partly ebonized


  • Inches: H 30.3, W 23.2, D 13.8 in
  • Cm: H 77, B 59, T 35 cm

€ 3.600

Nähtischchen Kirschbaum
Biedermeier Nähtischchen. Kirschbaum-6
Biedermeier Nähtischchen. Kirschbaum-7
Biedermeier Nähtischchen. Kirschbaum-8
Biedermeier Nähtischchen. Kirschbaum-9
Biedermeier Nähtischchen. Kirschbaum-10

BM-KL-423 Austria/Vienna circa 1825/30

Classic Biedermeier Sewing Table

  • Curved square legs
  • 1 drawer with interior
  • Cherry veneered and massive


  • Inches: 30.7, W 23.9, D 18.65 in
  • Cm: H 77, W 60, D 47 cm

€ 2.200

BM-KO-378 Trommelschränkchen
BM-KO-378 Trommelschränkchen
BM-KO-378 Trommelschränkchen

BM-KO-378 Austria/Vienna about 1830

  • Nice little drumtable
  • Black polish wood, 1 door
  • Original brass handle


  • Inch: H 28.8 in, Ø 16 in
  • CM: H 72 cm, Ø 40 cm
€ 3.500
BM-KO-366 Lyra Worktable
BM-KO-366 Lyra Worktable
BM-KO-366 Lyra Worktable
BM-KO-366 Lyra Worktable
BM-KO-366 Lyra Worktable

BM-KO-366 Austria about 1820/25

  • Elegant Biedermeier Work Table / Sewing Table with beautiful Lyra legs.
  • Great quality, workmanship and design. The box is veneered in cherry wood and has several ebonized parts. The wood has been hand-polished with shellac (French Polish).
  • In the bottom middle, there is a shovel for placing balls of wool. There are two drawers with Ink painted Biedermeier hash around the key holes and original locks. The upper drawer has an original interior.


  • Inch: H 31.2, W 21.6, D 16 in
  • CM: H 78, B 54, T 40 cm
€ 3.900
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-12
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-13
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-14
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-18
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-15
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-16
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-17
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-19
BM-KO-419 Empire Tischchen-20

BM-KO-419 Austria/Vienna about 1815

  • Elegant Empire Side Table
  • Three curved legs with finely chased original brass rim
  • Epoch: Empire
  • Wood: Black polished Maple


  • Inch: H 30 3/4, Ø 21 1/4 in
  • Cm: H 78, Ø 54 cm
€ 2.900
BM-KO-404 Biedermeier Tischchen
BM-KO-404 Biedermeier Tischchen
BM-KO-404 Biedermeier Tischchen
BM-KO-404 Biedermeier Tischchen
BM-KO-404 Biedermeier Tischchen

BM-KO-404 Thuringia, Germany about 1820/25

  • Beautiful small Biedermeier Table from Thuringia, Germany circa 1820-1825.
  • Amazing marquetry and 3D optic inlay with maple, plum and cherry.
  • At the base of the pedestal/socle, there are very fine carved acanthus life wood.
  • The table has been hand-polished with shellac (French Polish) and is restored in great condition.


  • Inch: H 30, Ø 23.6 in
  • CM: H 76, Ø 60 cm
€ 3.500
Biedermeier Nachtkästchen, Kirsche

BM-KL-428 South Germany circa 1820

Small and very elegant Biedermeier Nightstand / Bedside table

  • Book-matched cherry veneer, shellac hand-polished
  • Original brass knobs
  • 1 drawer and 1 door with in between plate


  • Cm: H 85.5, W 46, D 35 cm
  • Inch: 33.7, W 18, D 13.8 in


Biedermeier Konsole, Nußbaum

BM-KL-421 South Germany circa 1820

Elegant Biedermeier console

  • Walnut veneer and solid wood, French polished
  • 1 drawer with lock
  • 2 full-columns with carved black-gold corinthian capitals and bases


  • Inches: H 30.3, W 28.75, D 16.5 in
  • CM: H 77 cm, B 73 cm, T 42 cm


Biedermeier Trommelschränkchen Kirschbaum

BM-KL-427 South Germany circa 1820

Very beautiful and elegant Biedermeier Drum Table

  • 1 Door, 1 Drawer
  • Amazing grain of the veneer
  • Brass fittings
  • 1 middle shelf
  • Cherry veneered


  • Inches: H 28.3, Ø 16 in
  • Cm: H 71 cm, Ø 40 cm



BM-KO-171 South Germany about 1820

Model Showcase Vitrine

  • South Germany about 1820
  • Wood: Cherry veneer


  • Inches: H 31.6 in, W 17.4 in, D 8.4 in
  • CM: H 79, B 43.5, D 21 cm
€ 1.900
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