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Nussbaum Kommode
Nussbaum Kommode-26
Nussbaum Kommode-27
Nussbaum Kommode-28
Nussbaum Kommode-25
Nussbaum Kommode-29
Nussbaum Kommode-20
Nussbaum Kommode-19
Kommode Nussbaum BM-KO-419
Nussbaum Kommode-22
Nussbaum Kommode-23
Nussbaum Kommode-30
Nussbaum Kommode-18
Nussbaum Kommode-21

BM-KO-419 South Germany about 1820

Elegant, early Biedermeier Commode

  • 3 drawers, ebonized full-columns
  • Original ebonized put-on key plates
  • Original locks
  • Wood: Walnut veneered


  • Inch: H 34.6, B 47.2/46, D 23.2/22.4 in
  • Cm: H 88, B 120/117, T 59/57 cm

€ 4.900


BM-KO-418 South Germany about 1825

Elegant Biedermeier Commode/Chest of Three Drawers from South Germany around 1825.
The commode has two ebonized full columns with corinthian brass capitals.
Everything including the locks is original. The cherry veneer is very beautifully running over the front side drawers.
Around the edges of the plate, there are inlays with birch root and ebony.
The piece is in greatly restored condition and hand-polished with shellac (French Polish).


  • Inch: H 33.47 x W 45.28 x D 22.84 in
  • Cm: H 85, B 115, T 58 cm
€ 4.900
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-21
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-16
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-17
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-18
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-19
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-20
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-22
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-23
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-24
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-25
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-26
Kleine Biedermeier Kommode, BM-KO-416-27

BM-KO-416 South Germany about 1820

Petite chest with 2 drawers

Very beautiful petite, early Biedermeier commode/chest of drawers from South Germany around 1820.

The small size of this two-doored chest of drawers makes it rare. The front, top and sides are veneered with cherry, while the other parts are cheery solid wood.
Parts like the key sign have been ebonized. Classicist influences like the stepped circumferential top.

The commode is restored and in best condition with a shellac hand-polish / French Polish.


  • Inch: H 28.75 x W 36.23 x D 16.93 in
  • Cm: H 73, W 92, D 43 cm
€ 4.500
Biedermeier Kommode mit Karytiden
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-17
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-18
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-29
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-19
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-30
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-20
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-21
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-22
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-23
Empire-Kommode, Karyatiden-24

BM-KO-405 Austria/Vienna about 1815

  • Beautiful Empire Commode / Chest of Three Drawers from Vienna, Austria around 1810.
  • Two big original carved caryatides painted with gold and black. Very bright and friendly walnut veneer with lovely grain, hand-polished with shellac (French Polish).
  • The Commode has three big drawers with original locks and nine beautiful original brass fittings. On every fittings is a fine image of a rider armed with bow and arrow.


  • Inch: H 23.63 x W 49.22 x D 37.01 in
  • Cm: H 94, W 125 cm, D 60 cm
€ 5.900
Biedermeier Kommode
Biedermeier Kommode-10
Biedermeier Kommode-11
Biedermeier Kommode-12
Biedermeier Kommode-13
Biedermeier Kommode-14
Biedermeier Kommode-15
Biedermeier Kommode-16
Biedermeier Kommode-17
Biedermeier Kommode-18

BM-KO-336 Austria about 1820

  • Classic Biedermeier Chest/Commode 
  • Wonderful cherry veneer and solid wood
  • 3 drawers, 2 ebonized half-columns, original brass fittings


  • Inch: H 36.4, W 50.4, D 25.2 in
  • Cm: H 91, W 126, T 63 cm
€ 5.900
Nuss Kommode
Nuss Kommode-8
Nuss Kommode-9
Nuss Kommode-10
Nuss Kommode-11
Nuss Kommode-12
Nuss Kommode-13
Nuss Kommode-14

BM-KO-353 Austria about 1820

    Strict, unadorned Biedermeier Commode

    • Chest of 2 drawers
    • Original box locks
    • Ebonized edges and legs
    • Wood: Walnut veneer with wonderful grain


            • Inch: H 31.6, W 51.2, D 25.2 in
            • Cm: H 79, W 128, D 63 cm

            € 3.900


            BM-KO-409 South Germany about 1820

            • Wonderful biedermeier hest, 3 drawer, ebony inlays around the keyholes
            • Walnut veneer and solid wood


            • Inch: H 33.6, W 42.6, D 24 in
            • Cm: H 84, W 106.5, D 60 cm
            € 4.900
            KO-391 Empire Kommode
            Empire Kommode BD-KO-391.4
            Empire Kommode BD-KO-391.4
            Empire Kommode BD-KO-391.4
            Empire Kommode BD-KO-391.4
            Biedermeier Kommode BM-KO-336
            Empire Kommode BD-KO-391.4
            Biedermeier Kommode BM-KO-336
            Empire Kommode BD-KO-391.4
            Biedermeier Kommode BM-KO-336
            Biedermeier Kommode BM-KO-336
            Empire Kommode BD-KO-391.4
            Empire Kommode BD-KO-391.4

            BM-KO-391 South Germany/Franken about 1815

            • Very elegant, petite original Commode/Chest of Three Drawers from about 1815, marking the transition from Empire to early Biedermeier.
            • It has two black bottle-shaped full-columns with gold-plated corinthian capitals and bases. The beautiful bright cherry veneer runs continuously over all three drawers.
            • Beautiful classicist design and composition. The commode is in great condition, made of a very high-quality and shows excellent workmanship and veneer.
            • Due to its small measure, it is quite rare and easy to place in the interior. It has been restored by us and hand-polished with shellac (French Polish).

            Measure: H 23.23 in. x W 40.95 in. x D 33.08 in.


            Biedermeier Eckschränkchen, Nußbaum
            Biedermeier Eckschränkchen, Nußbaum
            Biedermeier Eckschränkchen, Nußbaum
            Biedermeier Eckschränkchen, Nußbaum


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