Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-14
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-15
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-16
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-17
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-18
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-19
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-20
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-21
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-22
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-23
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-24
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-25
Art Deco Sideboard, Amboinawurzel-26

AD-SB-369 France about 1925

Very beautiful, small Art deco Sideboard with detachable Mirror. Sideboard looks great without mirror, too.

Amazing Amboyna burl veneer, hand-polished with shellac (French Polish).
Wonderful, completely original Bronze handles with 2 original keys.

2 drawers, 2 wooden with 3 shelf compartments behind, and 1 glass door.
Original black marble plate on top.

Dimensions: H 42.5, middle 44.9, W 47.2, D 17.3 in

€ 7.900

Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-19
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-13
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-14
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-18
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-20
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-17
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-21
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-22
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-16
Kanneliertes Art Deco Sideboard-15

AD-SB-368 France about 1930

Elegant, cannelured Art Deco Sideboard, with 2 doors

  • Epoch: Art Deco
  • Wood: Oak with black piano lacquer
  • Very fine original marble plate
  • Chrome parts

Dimensions: H 110 cm, B 150 cm, T 50 cm

€ 9500

Kleines Art Deco Sideboard
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-19
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-20
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-12
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-13
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-14
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-15
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-16
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-17
Kleines Art Deco Sideboard-18

AD-SB-367 France about 1930

  • Smaller Art Deco Sideboard with 10 little drawers and 2 doors
  • Epoch: Art Deco
  • Wood: Walnut with black piano lacquer
  • Cannelures pillar legs, standing on a podest

Dimensions: H 90 cm, B 120 cm, T 45 cm

€ 6900

AD-S/KL-366 France about 1930

AD-SB-366 France about 1930

  • Outstanding, beautiful Art Deco Sideboard from France around 1930.
  • On both sides, it has a fold-out bar compartment with maple and mirrors inside.
  • The surface is made with an amazing high-gloss Polyurethan lacquer. Underneath, the wood is walnut.
  • The S-formed chrome handles are all original and it has several chromed trims on the outside.
  • Inside it is also lacquered in high-gloss on the doors and in matte for the plates and compartments.
  • Throughout the inner life of the whole sideboard, there is one big walnut plate inside, which can be accessed from both doors and offers a lot of space.

Dimensions: H 35.83 in. x W 77.96 in. x D 20.48 in.

€ 9.500

Art Deco Sideboard AD-SB-357
Art Deco Sideboard AD-SB-357
Art Deco Sideboard-29
Art Deco Sideboard-30
Art Deco Sideboard-31
Art Deco Sideboard-32
Art Deco Sideboard-33
Art Deco Sideboard-36
Art Deco Sideboard-28
Art Deco Sideboard-19
Art Deco Sideboard-20
Art Deco Sideboard-21
Art Deco Sideboard-22
Art Deco Sideboard-23
Art Deco Sideboard-24
Art Deco Sideboard-25
Art Deco Sideboard-26
Art Deco Sideboard-27
Art Deco Sideboard AD-SB-357

AD-SB-357 France about 1930

Very classic Art Deco Sideboard from France around 1930.
Two doors with original chrome handles and four drawers lacquered in crème color.

Black lacquered and high-gloss polished wood. Round chrome knobs for the drawers with white stone optic on the front.

Inside, there are shelves in walnut wood.

Dimensions: H 38.8 in, W 76.4 in, D 20 in

€ 7.900
AD-SK/KL-352 France about 1930
AD-SK/KL-352 France about 1930

AD-SB-352 France about 1930

  • Very elegant french Art Deco Sideboard with convex doors from around 1930.
  • The frontside has a cylindrical/convex form.
  • Wood: Walnut wood has been blackened, lacquered and polished.
  • On the sides, it has very nice channeled decors with chrome trims in between.
  • The chromed fittings and handles are all original, as is the marble plate at the top.
  • On the inside, it has one big plate (walnut solid). The inside of the doors are also veneered in walnut.

Dimensions: H 44 in, W 70 in, W 20.8 in

€ 9.900

AD-S/KL-478 Germany about 1920

AD-SB-478 Germany about 1920

  • Strict Bauhaus Sideboard
  • 2 doors, 4 drawers
  • Black lacquered and polished walnut wood
  • Original marble plate
  • Chromed trims and original handles

Dimensions: H 32,8 in. x W 54 in. x D 20 in.

€ 6.900

AD-S/KL-358 France about 1930

AD-SB-358 France about 1930

  • Wonderful small Art Deco Sideboard from France around 1930.
  • Terrific book-matched walnut Veneer, polyurethane lacquer
  • Two cylindric/concave front doors with chrome fittings and handles.
  • At the top, there is a ebonized/blackened wood plate with circumferential chrome trim.
  • On the inside it is veneered and polished on the doors, too. Inside it has one plate in each of the two compartments.

Dimensions: H 40.4 in, W 46 in, D 16 in

€ 6.900

AD-SB-351 Germany about 1930

  • Elegant, low Bauhaus sideboard from Germany around 1930.
  • Wonderful book-matched walnut veneer and partly ebonized areas.
  • At the front, there are two doors with three drawers above.
  • Around the base a the top of the sideboard, there is a chromed trim running. The chromed handles have been newly galvanized.
  • Best condition and the lacquer has been renewed.
  • The inside of the doors are also lacquered and polished.
  • Excellent quality in workmanship and construction.
  • With the height of only 66cm/26" it could be ideally placed under a TV set for instance

Dimensions: H 26.4, W 46.4, D 19.2 in

€ 4.900
AD-SKL-348 France about 1930

AD-SB-348 France about 1930

  • Big Art Deco Sideboard (belongs together as a set with table AD-TI-465)
  • 4 doors, metal fittings
  • Original marble plate
  • Wood: wonderful walnut roots veneer

Dimensions: H 46.4 in, W 112 in, D 24 in

€ 10.900

AD-SK/L 318 France/Paris about 1925

AD-SB-318 France/Paris about 1925

  • First class big Art Deco Sideboard from Paris
  • 2 wonderful big convex and cannelured doors, 1 glass door, mirror inside
  • Wood: Amboyna root and jacaranda veneer

Dimensions: H 39.2 in, W 98 in, D 26/18.8 in

€ 12.900

Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-29
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-28
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-30
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-31
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-23
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-24
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-26
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-27
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-19
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-32
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-20
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-25
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-21
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-33
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-34
Big Walnut Bauhaus Sideboard-22

AD-SB-379 Germany about 1930

  • Wonderful Bauhaus Sideboard, 4 doors (insides with shelf compartments and one drawer for silverware)
  • Walnut veneer and partly ebonized 
  • Amazing walnut roots veneer on the doors, 
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Completely dismountable

Dimensions: H 40 in, W 100 in, D 24.8 in

€ 6.800
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