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Großer Panther Art Deco
Panther Skulptur, Paris-10
Panther Skulptur, Paris-9
Panther Skulptur, Paris-8
Panther Skulptur, Paris-7
Art Deco Original Panther Sculpture-17
Art Deco Original Panther Sculpture-12
Art Deco Original Panther Sculpture-13
Art Deco Original Panther Sculpture-14
Art Deco Original Panther Sculpture-15
Art Deco Original Panther Sculpture-16
Panther Art Deco-12

AD-DE-480 France/Paris about 1930-50

Large original Panther sculpture, Paris 1930-50

  • Ceramic mass on oval wooden base
  • Polyester lacquer coated and polished
  • Polished (lasercut) stainless steel plate under the base
  • Model after Salvatore Melani (1902-1934), who was famous for his animal sculptures
  • Entwurf nach Paul Jouve's Panther Zeichnungen

Dimensions (incl. Base)

  • Inches: L 37.4, H 12.2, W 10.2
  • Cm: L 95, H 31, B 26 cm

€ 3,600

Art Deco Rauchertisch
Art Deco Rauchertisch-20
Art Deco Rauchertisch-14
Art Deco Rauchertisch-12
Art Deco Rauchertisch-16
Art Deco Rauchertisch-17
Art Deco Rauchertisch-18

AD-DE-478 France about 1930

Original Art Deco Smoking table

  • Chrome-plated and polished steel with old patina
  • Rubber, plastic and lacquered tin ashtray


  • Inches: 26.8, W 18.1, D 9 cm
  • CM: H 68, W 46, D 23 cm

€ 600

AD-SO 477 Austria about 1930
AD-SO 477 Austria about 1930
AD-SO 477 Austria about 1930

AD-DE-477 Austria about 1930


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