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Art Deco Barwagen
Art Deco Barwagen, England-1
Art Deco Barwagen, England-3
Art Deco Barwagen, England-5
Art Deco Barwagen, England-7
Art Deco Barwagen, England-9
Art Deco Barwagen, England-11
Art Deco Barwagen, England-13
Art Deco Barwagen, England-15
Art Deco Barwagen, England-17
Art Deco Barwagen, England-19
Art Deco Barwagen, England-21
Art Deco Barwagen, England-23

AD-BA-482 England circa 1930

Beautiful and functional Art Deco Bar Trolley

  • Black lacquered Walnut wood
  • Chromed metal handles and fittings; Chrome-coloured trims
  • Newly electrified and new cable
  • Rollable on 4 wheels
  • Original glass top and new mirror glass 
  • Take-out interior made of green lacquered tin plate
  • 2 drawers with polished brighter wood (Ash and Mahogany)


  • Cm: H 68.5, W 92, D 49 cm
  • Inches: H 27, W 36.2, D 19.3

€ 4900

AD-BA-481 Servierwagen
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-8
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-7
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-9
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-10
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-11
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-12

AD-BA-481 France circa 1930

Beautiful Art Deco Serving Trolley

  • Black lacquered wood
  • Chormed metal parts and tubes
  • Original glasplate with silver-coloured framing on top
  • 2 sliding glass doors, other side just glass
  • smaller sides and bottom in mirrorglass
  • Mobile on 4 original wheels


  • Inches: H 25.2, W 27.2, D 16.7 in
  • Cm: H 64, W 69, D 42,5 cm
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-24
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-25
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-26
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-27
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-28
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-29
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-30
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-31
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-34
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-35
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-36
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-37
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-38
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-39
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-41
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-42
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-43
Art Deco Barschrank Makassar-44

AD-BA-480 France circa 1930

Beautiful small Art Deco Bar in Makassar

  • Lacquered with Polyurethane and polished
  • Original metal fittings.
  • On the top, it has one fold-out bar compartement with magnets and chain
  • Inside it has creme white frosted glass plate and mirrors.
  • Lighting inside with white cable in the backside
  • On the bottom inside, there are two drawers for bottles, that roll out, when the doors are opened.


  • Inches: H 31.1, W 28.5, D 16.9 (closed ), D 26 (open top), D 31.3 (open bottom) in
  • Cm: H 79, W 72.5, D 43 (closed ), D 66 (open top), D 76.5 (open bottom) cm

€ 4900

AD-KL-345 Servierwagen
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-10
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-9
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-13
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen-14
AD-KL-345 Servierwagen

AD-KL-345 France about 1940

Nice Art Deco serving table

  • 4 floors, top and bottom in rosewood, middle plate with creme-white lacquer
  • Wood: Palisander veneer, partly ebonized
  • Chrome colored trims


  • Inches: H 25.6, W 25.6, D 16 in
  • Cm: H 64, B 64, T 40 cm

€ 1600

AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein
AD-SO-467 England about 1930
AD-SO-467 England about 1930
AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein
AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein
AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein
AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein
AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein
AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein
AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein
AD-BA-467 Rundbar Harry & Lou Epstein

AD-BA-467 England about 1930

Art Deco Demi-Lune Bar/Drinks Cabinet by 'Harry & Lou Epstein Furniture Co.'

  • Wood: Four cannelured/fluted doors, veneered in flamed maple, steamed to walnut color, on the outside and red/orange lacquered maple on the inside.
  • The parts in the middle and bottom are blackened and it has three chrome colored trims.
  • In the upper compartment, there is a curved glass plate in the middle, while underneath there are round holes in the floor for bottles or glasses, just like in the balconies on the inside of the upper two doors. Original lighting tube at the top.
  • The bottom compartment has black color and one black floor inside. Top and bottom compartments can be separated. In the middle part, there is a plate that can be pulled out.

Dimensions: H 64.4 in, W 40 in, D 22 in

€ 9.900

AD-BA-460 Schwarzer Art Deco Barschrank
AD-BA-460 Schwarzer Art Deco Barschrank
AD-BA-460 Schwarzer Art Deco Barschrank
AD-BA-460 Schwarzer Art Deco Barschrank

AD-BA-460 France about 1930

Double-doored Art Deco Bar/ Drinks Cabinet

  • Inside with mirrors and glass plates and lightning
  • 2 drawers and 2 doors
  • Epoch: Art Deco
  • Holzart: Black lacquered wood with chrome trims and fittings

Dimensions: H 65 in, B 53.15 in, T 19.7 in

€ 7.900

Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-17
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-18
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-19
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-20
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-21
AD-SO-448 France about 1930
AD-SO-448 France about 1930
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-22
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-23
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-15
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-16
AD-BA-448 Art Deco Barwagen
AD-BA-448 Art Deco Barwagen
Art Deco Barwagen AD-SO-448-24

AD-BA-448 France about 1930

Wonderful Art Deco Bar Trolley

  • Mobile, both sides can be folded out and locked
  • Outside: Black lacquered wood with chrome parts, glasplate on top
  • Inside with birdseye maple and frosted glass


  • Inches: H 24, W 32, D 18 in
  • Cm: H 60, W 80, T 45 cm

€ 4.900

Barschrank AD-BA-399
Barschrank AD-BA-399-11
Barschrank AD-BA-399
Barschrank AD-BA-399-10
Barschrank AD-BA-399-13
Barschrank AD-BA-399-12
Barschrank AD-BA-399-14
Barschrank AD-BA-399
Barschrank AD-BA-399-15

AD-BA-399 Germany about 1940

Bauhaus Bar Cabinet "Souverän"

  • 2 doors with original brass trims and chromed metal tims at the top and bottom
  • Mobile on 4 little wheels
  • Inside completely with mirrors and 1 plate with brass letters "Souverän"
  • Wood: Wonderful Walnut veneered


  • Inches: H 36.4, W 24.4, D 21.6 in
  • Cm: H 91, B 61, T 54 cm

€ 3.500

Barschrank AD-BA-380

AD-BA-380 England about 1940

Round Bar Cabinet by "William L. MacLean"

  • Epoch: Bauhaus
  • 2 doors, black polished wood
  • Chrom-colored trims
  • Inside with mirror and cyan green frosted glass


  • Inches: H 38.4, Ø 30.4 in
  • Cm: H 96, Ø 76 cm


AD-220 Germany about 1930
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-24
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-22
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-21
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-18
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-19
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-20
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-23
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-25
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-26
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-27
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-28
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-29
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-30
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-31
Bauhaus Barschrank AD-BA-220-32

AD-BA-220 Germany about 1930

  • Beautiful, classic Bauhaus Bar
  • 3 drawers, 1 door, 1 hatch
  • Wood: Walnut veneeer, partly enonized
  • Inside with glass and aluminium trims

        Dimensions: H 32.4 in, W 22 in, D 28.2 in

        € 3.500

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