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Runde schwarze Art Deco Vitrine
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-1
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-3
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-5
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-7
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-9
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-11
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-13
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-15
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-17
Runde Art Deco Vitrine-19

AD-SV-125 France circa 1930

Extraordinary round Art Deco Showcase Vitrine

  • Black piano lacquer, high-gloss polish
  • Original glass windows
  • Inside with 2 black wood plates and 1 glass plate
  • Upper half inside with mirror glass in the back
  • Cannelured front with chrome coloured trims
  • Added chromed ball knob handles; at the bottom with polished double steel plate;


  • Cm: H 137, W 121.5, D 48.5 cm, D (open) ca. 91 cm
  • Inches: H 54, W 47.8, D 19 in, D (open) 35.8 in
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-1
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-1
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-3
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-5
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-7
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-9
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-11
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-13
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-15
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-17
Art Deco Garderobenschrank, England-1

AD-SV-124 London, England circa 1930

Great Art Deco Wardrobe / Armoire

  • Manufacturer: C.W.S. LTD. Cabinet Factory, London
  • Nice Walnut Veneer and blackened Stripes Inlays at the front
  • Polyurethan Lacquer, high-gloss polished
  • Sides and middle bar with carved decor in dark brown-black lacqueered
  • Chromed handles and trims
  • Inside with 2 clothing rails + hooks, and mirror on right door


  • Cm: H 182 cm, W 116 cm, D(closed) 46 cm, D(open) 88 cm
  • Inches: H 72.7, W 25.7, D(closed) 18, D(open) 34.6 in

€ 7.900

AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-14
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-15
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-16
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-17
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-18
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-19
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-20
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-21
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-22
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-23
AD-SV-123 Art Deco Kleiderschrank-24

AD-SV-123 France circa 1925

Very fine Art Deco armoire

  • Woods: Thuja roots-burl, Icebirch burl; inside Mahagony
  • High-gloss polished Polyurethane lacquer
  • Original, newly galvanized chrome handles and ornament fittings
  • Inside with 4 adjustable  plates and 2 drawers
  • Completely dismantable
  • Extraordinary quality and workmanship


    • Cm: H 193, W 150, D 50 (without handles)
    • Inches: H 76, W 59, D 19.7 in

    On request

    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-15
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-21
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-22
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-23
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-16
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-17
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-18
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-19
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-20
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-24
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-25
    Palisander Art Deco Vitrine-26

    AD-SV-122 France about 1930

    Wonderful original Art Deco Vitrine or Display Case.

    • Rosewood / Palisander Veneer, French Polish
    • Thick original curved glass windows and inlay shelves.
    • Each of the three shelves can be adjusted in 7 positions.
    • All the glass plates can be taken out and are fixed with screwed bars on the inside.

    The depth of the Vitrine is 36 cm at the top. The legs go out more and are 42.5 cm / 16.7 in deep.


    • Inches: 63.2, W 47.25, D 14,2/16.7 in
    • Cm: H 160,5, W 120, D 36/42.5

    € 6.900

    Amboina Art Deco Schrank
    Amboina Art Deco Schrank
    Amboina Art Deco Schrank

    AD-SV-121 France circa 1930

    Great, representative Art Deco armoire from France about 1930

    • Curved doors
    • Amboyna burl veneer, coated with Polyester piano lacquer and polished
    • Some parts lacqueered in black
    • Original brass fittings and keys
    • Inside with 4 adjustable black inlay plates/shelves


    • Inches: H 76.2, W 49.2 (cornice) / 55.9 (leg), D 20.87 in 
    • Cm: H 193,5, W 125 (cornice) / 142 (leg), D 53 cm 

    € 7.500

    Art Deco Garderobenschrank
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -13
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -16
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -17
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -18
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -19
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -20
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -15
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -14
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -21
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank -22
    Art Deco Garderobenschrank

    AD-SV-120 France about 1930

    Very attractive, elegant 2-doored Art Deco Armoire

    • Wood: Walnut with black piano lacquer
    • Wonderful long and cannelured chromed handles
    • Chrom trim at the top and bottom
    • Inside in matte black polished with hanging rail


    • Cm: H 187, W 122, D 53 cm
    • Inches: H 73.6, W 48, D 20.9 in

    € 8.800

    Makassar Vitrine
    Makassar Vitrine
    Makassar Vitrine-25
    Makassar Vitrine-24
    Makassar Vitrine-26
    Makassar Vitrine-27
    Makassar Vitrine-37
    Makassar Vitrine-38
    Makassar Vitrine-39
    Makassar Vitrine-28
    Makassar Vitrine-29
    Makassar Vitrine-40
    Makassar Vitrine-30
    Makassar Vitrine-33
    Makassar Vitrine-36
    Makassar Vitrine-41
    Makassar Vitrine-42
    Makassar Vitrine-43
    Makassar Vitrine-44
    Makassar Vitrine-32
    Makassar Vitrine-31
    Makassar Vitrine-34
    Makassar Vitrine-35

    AD-SV-119 France circa 1925

    Elegant, very rare, 3-sides glassed Art Deco Vitrine

    • Epoch: Art Deco
    • Wood: Makassar veneered, walnut, beech
    • Cannelured pedestal
    • Outside veneered in wonderful Makassar and lacquered and polished
    • Original thick chrome trim on the legs, chrome trim on the top
    • Inside veneered and lacquered walnut on the doors, the sides are matted beech
    • Interior: Toothed strips and very high quality plates made in two kinds of wood


    • Inches: H 66 1/2, W 33, D 15 3/4 in
    • Cm: H 169, W 84, D 40 cm

    € 9800

    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-26
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-25
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-17
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-18
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-19
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-20
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-21
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-22
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-23
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-24
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik-27
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik
    Art Deco Schrank Palisanderoptik

    AD-SV-107 Czechia about 1930

    • Very elegant and extraordinary two-doored Art Deco Armoire from Czech, circa 1930.
    • The wood is plywood (beech) painted in a wonderful bookmatched Palisander veneer optic. Very rare and hardly to be seen technique from this period.
    • Around the whole edge of the trunk, there is a steel tube running. 
    • The original handles on the front are also steel, but have been chromed during the restoration.
    • Inside, there are several original and adjustable holes for four shelf compartments. (We have made 4 glass plates for this. Optinally we can make you 4 wood plates covered with black cotton or as you wish)
    • Later on, there has been installed one chromed steel tube for hanging clothes, when the shelves are not put in. The size of the armoire is good for hanging clothes.

    Dimensions: H 71.7 in, B 43.3 in, T 21.25 in

    € 4.900

    AD-SV-110 France about 1930
    AD-SV-110 France about 1930
    AD-SV-110 France about 1930
    AD-SV-110 France about 1930

    AD-SV-110 Germany about 1930

    • Strict and very functional small german Bauhaus cabinet
    • Vertically and horizontally veneered in a beautiful walnut veneer and lacquered with thick Polyurethan and polished.
    • On the front, it has two doors and two drawers.
    • The inside is made with maple and drawers.
    • Around the top and front, there is a chromed trim running. All the chromed metal trims, fittings and handles have been newly galvanized. Around the handles, there is maple veneered.
    • On the inside it is polished as well and has very functional interior with six compartments and three drawers made in high quality construction.
    • The doors are also lacquered on the inside

    Dimensions: H 50 in, W 38.4 in, D 16.8 in

    € 5.900

    AD-SV-112 Bauhaus/Germany about 1925

    AD-SV-112 Bauhaus/Germany about 1925

    • Big Bauhaus library/book shelf from around 1925
    • 4 doors, chromed metal fittings and trims
    • Inside signed: "N.M.B - D.R.G.M."- "Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster" --> German utility model from 1918-1933
    • Low depth for books of only 16 in.
    • Excellent restored condition, lacquered with Polyurethane and polished

    Dimensions: H 72, W 110, D 14 in 


    AD-S/V 103 Germany about 1930
    AD-SV 103
    AD-SV 103

    AD-SV 103 Germany about 1930

    • Wonderful big Bauhaus armoire with several chrome parts
    • Epoch: Bauhaus
    • Wood: Mahogany veneer, partly black lacquered
    • Probably "Deutsche Werkstätten/Hellerau"

    Dimensions: H 60 in, W 86 in, D 16/20 in

    € 9.500

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